The Lake Front Bistro restaurant offers fine dining options crafted by the skilled hands of Andrew Peaston, the Head Chef. The restaurant offers a modern-style Australian menu that includes a variety of dishes. The menu includes French-influenced dishes and traditional Australian dishes. We have dishes that will be difficult for you to find anywhere else on the Gold Coast.

The Lake Front Bistro also serves specials from time to time that are off-the-menu. That is, we offer special dishes that you won’t find on the menu on the website. The specials included veal steak and carrot gateau dishes with some steamed spinach topped with a red wine jus and the Grand Mariner Soufflé and orange sorbet topped with a brandy snap basket which is available seasonally.

The Lake Front Bistro Menu includes the À La Carte Menu, the Lunch Menu, the Three-Course Menu and the Beverage Menu.

À La Carte Menu

The À La Carte Menu includes Starters, Entrees, Main dishes, Side dishes and the Desserts. The starter menu contains three dishes: The Homemade bread with garlic oil and tapenade, the Homemade herb and pistachio bread and the Homemade garlic bread. The three starter dishes cost $5.50. The Entree menu contains eight different options, which cost between $3.00 and $22.00 and contains meals like the chicken liver parfait with warm brioche.

The main dishes consist of nine options ranging between $25.00 to $39.00 with meals like the crispy salmon with braised cabbage and spicy oriental sauce. The side dishes cost $7.50 apiece with meals like the roquette, pear, walnut & parmesan cheese salad. The desserts cost between $15.00 to $18.00 with delicious desserts like the vanilla creme brûleè with fresh strawberries & raspberry sorbet.

The Lunch Menu

Are you looking for a nice place to enjoy a light lunch? At the Lake Front Bistro, we serve light lunch meals on Tuesdays to Fridays. We cost of meals on this menu range from $7.50 to $24.00. With a wide variety of options on the menu, you have more than enough to treat yourself. Lunch doesn’t have to be rushed and not enjoyed. We’ll have your delicious meal served in good time so you can go on with your activities for the rest of the day with a smile on your face.

The Three-Course Menu

At the Lake Front Bistro, we serve amazing three-course meals to satisfy your cravings. Our three-course meals cost $55.00 per person. The first course is the entree with three different meal options. The second course is the main course, which also has three options. The third course is a dessert which also includes three options. The fantastic and delicious meals on the menu will keep you coming back for more.

The Beverage Menu

There’s nothing like a chilled, delicious beverage to complete a meal. At Lake Front Bistro, we have available a long list of amazing beverage options. The options include the Sparkling, Champagne, Riesling, Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, House Wine, Moscato, Chardonnay, Blend, Classic Dry, Melot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Burgundy, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Blends, Magnum, Dessert Wine, Beers, Cider, Sports and other Beverages.