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Lake Front Bistro is located in Central Gold Coast, the suburb area of Carrara in the beautiful and scenic French Quarter of the Emerald Lakes. We offer excellent dining options for both couples and small parties. You are also presented with a stunning background with the restaurant’s lakeside setting while enjoying a relaxing lunch or a magnificent dinner.

We were awarded the Best European Restaurant in 2016 by Savour Australia. The award was in recognition of the amazing French-influenced menu created under the management of Andrew Peaston. You can contact the restaurant via the number 07 5641 6066 or via emails at


The Lake Front Bistro restaurant offers fine dining options crafted by the skilled hands of Andrew Peaston, the Head Chef. The restaurant offers a modern-style Australian menu that includes a variety of dishes. The menu includes French-influenced dishes and traditional Australian dishes. We have dishes that will be difficult for you to find anywhere else on the Gold Coast. The Lake Front Bistro Menu includes the À La Carte Menu, the Lunch Menu, the Three-Course Menu and the Beverage Menu.

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Lake Front Bistro provides options for hosting your events. We are more than pleased to celebrate the special events with you, be it a New Year’s Eve event or a Christmas event in our restaurant. Lake Front Bistro also offers excellent dining options for couple dates and your small parties. We also have an amazing private functions room which can take as many as 60 guests. We plan special packages for these events.

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s day is the day of love. It’s a beautiful celebration. At Lake Front Bistro, we want to make the day special for you. Now, how better to celebrate the day of love than a couple of dates, friend date or even a personal treat for yourself at a beautiful restaurant with a nice view of the lake, which was awarded as the Best European Restaurant, 2016 by Savour Australia. To make the day even more special, we made a special one-day plan for you.

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Are you looking for a great cake for your birthday celebration, wedding celebration, a gift to someone else or any other event? Lake Front Bistro is the place for you. We bake exquisite and delicious cakes to bring a shine to your events. At Lake Front Bistro, we love cake, and you will love it too! At Lake Front Bistro, our goal is to help you get your dream cake. We will tailor everything to meet your specific needs, from unique and personalised cakes to hand-crafted cakes.

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